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Sarah's Journal

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16th July 2008

12:52am: Wallpaper: Happily ever after...
Inspired by what I thought was a beautifully happy ending...

The Doctor and Rose finally get their happily, ever after...

Enjoy, - please comment! x

* For miss_jen_b *

26th September 2007

8:40pm: Fanvid: Doctor Who: Nature Boy
Title: Doctor Who: Nature Boy
Created by: Sarah_120
Music: Nature Boy ( from Moulin Rouge)

Summary:  "There was a boy, a very strange enchanted boy. They say he wandered very far, very far, over land and sea...

                      ......a little shy and sad of eye, but very wise was he...."

The story of the Doctor & his Rose...

Link to youtube for fluff & romance :)


24th September 2007

1:24pm: Fanvid: Don't Stop Me Now - featuring The Doctor & Rose
Title: Don't Stop Me Now - featuring The Doctor & Rose 

Summary: All the fun of series 2!

AN: I realise Doctor Who has been set to this song like a million times before - how could you resist? - but this is my take on it! - and it's well worth a watch, if I do say so myself ; )

Follow The link to Youtube:


If anyone wants this for download just shout!

Enjoy! x - and please comment x

17th September 2007

6:06pm: Manip: Before the kiss...
I have just compleated my first manip on photoshop, its not 100% perfect but its bloody good for a first attempt (imho anyway ;)).

Please take a look and comment - tips/ advice is always usefull.


ps. I know the about Rose's hair.

7th August 2007

10:55pm: Fanvid: Trouble!
Title: Trouble!

Summary: Whever the Doctor and Rose go, theres sure to be trouble! - all the fun, fluff, mahem & madness of series 2 ! : D (includes v. cute hug sequence)

Created by: sarah_120 
Genre: Fluffy Fun Comedy
Clips: Series 2
Music: Trouble - Pink

Link to you tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZcl58io_Tw

please comment!

5th August 2007

8:24pm: Fanvid: Crazy Chick featuring The Doctor & Rose

Title: Crazy Chick featuring The Doctor & Rose
Genre: fluffy, fun, comedy
Created by:sarah_120
Clips: Doctor Who Series 2 ( mainly New Earth)
Music: Crazy Chick

All the little (very sexy ) things the Doctor does drives Rose to insanity! 


Clck for fluffy, fun!!!

Please comment, - comments are love x

PS: ( does anyone know how to get the embed thing to work ???!)
7:59pm: Wallpaper: Ten/ Rose - Kiss

5:22pm: Fanfic - Wedding Night (Ten Rose) (1/1)

Title: Wedding Night
Author: sarah_120
Rating: PG-13 / 15 
Genre: Fluff, Romance, angst ( the teeniest bit)
Warnings: Sex polietly written
Spoilers: nope!


5:15pm: Ten/Rose Wallpaper - The object of my affection

Four Variations



Comments are love x - also if you could take the time to friend me, would be appreciated thanks!

4:57pm: Ten/Rose Wallpaper - The Little Prince

Four Variations on a theme - One textless, - all others using quotes from 'The Little Prince,' 



Please comment if you like and / or are taking - thanks x
4:51pm: Ten/Rose Wallpaper - The Doctor and his Rose

(1280 x 200 - widescreen)


(1240 x 768)


Please comment if you like and /or are taking!
4:44pm: Ten/Rose Wallpaper - Red Rose



(1280 x 800 - widscreen)


Hope you like, - please comment if you like and/ or using!
12:26am: Hellos!

Right, so after posting in LJ communities for about the past 3 ( you may know me from T&C) years I've decided to get my act together and actually sort out my journal, which has just bein sitting around collecting virtual dust!

The contents of this journal will pretty much be Doctor Who / David Tennant / 10th Doctor related wallpapers, fanfic, fan vids etc

- Oh and be prepared for a good deal of Doctor Rose shipping!

So anyway, come and enjoy - and if you could, take the time to friend me!

(it's late now so I'm going to start uploading stuff tommorow - watch this space!!!!) 

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